Konjic Resort

The Konjic Resort project consists of 8 luxury mansions, Terrace houses and 1 apartment building. The project is located on the European main road of Sarajevo-Mostar.

Surrounded by forests on the right and left, the project has contains unique views of the Neretva River. Konjic Resort has a 24/7 security service. It also includes house and garden maintenance and rental services.

Neretva Residence Hotel and Mall

The project takes its name from the Neretva River. Located in Konjic city center. The project is located on the main road of the Sarajevo-Mostar cities, called the existing international European route. This route is connected to Croatia from Sarajevo and from there to the European highway.

Apartment Blocks: 3 pieces
Hotel Building: 1 piece
Shopping Center Building: 1 piece
Open shopping bazaar: 1 piece complex and other facilities 

The project mainly consists of 3 residential buildings, 1 hotel building planned as 5 stars and an indoor and outdoor shopping center, movie theaters, entertainment areas, indoor and outdoor cafes and restaurants. The project also includes port areas consisting of 3 platforms extending to the Neretva river.

Terrace Sarajevo

Our project is only 3 kilometers away from Bascarsija, and our community is shaped with 4 luxury villas.

Terrace Sarajevo is combining city life with the nature within a convenient location for traffic access which surrounded by many social activities, schools and shopping malls.

All of these advantages will be there for enjoy living in a quiet environment inside in city life with different atmosphere.

Terrace Sarajevo is ready to welcome you with the view of Sarajevo.